Welcome to Beenes!

I´d like to introduce myself and my pack to you – on these internet pages, but hopefully one day we can also meet personally in “real life”, so that you can get to know the dogs and myself.


My name is Beene and I share my life with a pack of hairless dogs, two hairless cats and two minipigs.


My dogs – Perro sin Pelo del Peru and Chinese Crested dogs – are also known as the “bare facts”. That is what I like to call them, because of the double meaning: They are BARE facts and they tend to produce  all sorts of “bare facts” when they have their nonsense-phases……



der wächter der villa2


We live in a house which I call the “Villa Kunterhund” – since it is full of dogs and reminds me and some other people a bit of the Villa Villekulla, in which Pippi Longstocking lives – one of my favorite heroines ever since I was a child.






Since I was a child, I had also been a  “dog person”, having the first contact with these wonderful creatures when I was three years old. I visited England then with my parents and got to know a whippet and a greyhound then. Also my parents bought a Dalmatian puppy in England – so there were enough experiences to let me feel very attracted to these animals.

When I was a Teenager, my parents got a dachshound from a shelter – we called her “Tinka”. What we did not know at the time was that she was pregnant. So I was allowed to witness my first dog birth when she gave life to four wonderful puppies!


Tinka und ihre Babies

It took long until I had the first dog of my own. And it was a very spontaneous decision: A friend called, telling me there was a dog in urgent need of a home. She had not seen it, neither had I – but we both decided, that she will go and get the dog and bring it to my place, because the lady having it, wanted to put it to sleep.

“Kitty” was a mix (German Shepard and Airdale Terrier, I guess). And she was such a wonderful dog. She was 10 years already, and should become the first in a row of many old dogs that I took from shelters to give them a good “last period” of life.

Kitty aufm Kissen

Many of them were German Shepards. And one of them, “Nancy”, was 10 when she came and she lived with me for more than six years!





After doing that sort of “private dog hospice”-work, I decided that it is time for a break from having just old dogs. I looked out for a younger dog. At the time I had just adopted a hairless Sphynx cat, that I named “Frohlein Locke”, which had been sitting in a foster home beeing judged as “the ugliest cat in the world” by her foster-mum. To me she was not ugly, but interesting and she has a gorgeous character (typical hairless!).




I thought: If there is hairless cats in need, perhaps there are hairless dogs as well….and indeed: I found a Peruvian looking for a home. “Herr Rossi” had been saved with a lot of other dogs from a horrible place in Bratislawa. He had been in adoption for quite some time, before he came to my place. And he was the start of it all…





Being an extremly traumatic, difficult dog, behaving horribly, I had two years of a hard life with Rossi before deciding, that he needs another dog. Since there were no “suitable” hairless dogs in shelters at the time I decided to ask breeders if they have elder dogs they want to rehome. I got to know Estelle Anthoni-Koch in France who had two males. I could not decide which one to get – so I took them both!

That was Gustavioh de Korrantoh, called “Gus”


and Cabaleroh de Korrantoh, called “Lou”



After those two had moved in I became a hairless-addict….From then on it became more dogs quite quick. And in the spring of 2014 “Mara”


got pregnant, after a rendevous with “Hekthor”



(and it was LOVE).


It was not planned to have a litter (since she was too young yet), but I did not have the heart to give her an injection. I decided to take what I will get (hoping I would get no puppies or two or three in the worst case).
Mara gave birth to seven puppies in May



– and I took the chance to become a breeder.

I went through all the must-haves and in the end everything turned out fine: I am a breeder now and am very proud of my first litter and all of my dogs.

My kennel´s name is “Beenes” and I breed within the CER/VDH/FCI. On the following pages you can see who belongs to the pack, where and how we live.


And not to forget:


We are also part of the family!

“Frohlein Locke”, a Canadian Sphynx Cat, and “Hair von Schiller” a Don Sphynx Cat.

And there are also the Minipigs “Fred” and “Fritz”, real grannies…..they were born in September 2001 and 2002 and still live happily in my garden.








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